in the way of great work

lawyer: He just said he wouldn’t.
shelly: But it’s protocol, it’s in every-
lawyer: I know, I know.
shelly: What an asshole.
lawyer: I know, I know.
shelly: What was the budget we had for the composer in the Telefilm spreadsheet?
lawyer: $30,000
shelly: And what did we tell him we had?
lawyer: $8000
shelly: Great, so call him back and say $8300, problem solved.
lawyer: Isn’t that simple.
shelly: Then tell Amy to get someone else, one of her little friends.
lawyer: Dmitri already used one of his songs, they even changed dialogue so that Cheyenne sung the lyric in the love scene. We’re married to his song unless you want to add eight more production days to the schedule.
shelly: Who the fuck let it get this far without a contract in place?
lawyer: Dmitri or Amy.
shelly: I never liked Glass Tiger.
lawyer: He wasn’t in Glass Tiger, he was –
shelly: Whatever! .. guy won’t sign. (slams paperweight on her desk) (In baby voice) Thinks he’s a composer. Fucking no talent prima donnas. That’s what’s always in the way of great work..artists.

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