talking to the air, loudly

Recently at the Y a couple with 5 yr. old daughter loses their patience. They supply guilt trips when her shoes aren’t on right, “You see Charlene what happens? Doesn’t everyone else have them on already? You’re going to be the last one Charlene I’m not going to help you.” Charlene looks wide eyed like someone placed her into a science fiction story with aliens taking her from place to place who she cannot yet escape.┬áSometimes when you travel to other countries you see people who can speak English reacting to people who don’t, by speaking English more loudly. It’s embarrassing and they don’t understand the fundamental dumb thing they are doing.┬áSome people teach music like that. A young person doesn’t understand an abstract concept, they say it again more loudly as if the problem is their willingness to acknowledge the same thing again that made no sense the first time.

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