only real with your lipstick on

Asked to lead a talk/ walk about Yorkville later this month, about the hippie culture of the 60s which is before my time but held a lot of intrigue for me. Liked how my great weird friend Sam Larkin, born in the 40s, would tell, “You know Bob it wasn’t like it was all hippies, the hippies were a small group, all the usual straight kinds of people without long hair and beads were the norm, nothing much different.”  Currently in a film class about modern techniques/ software about the delivery of video, I’m considering incorporating these apps into the walk/ talk. In theory the U of T students in attendance will all be in a way tuned into an audio experience through their phones using an app called Echoes. In advance there will be audio triggered when their phones are in proximity of different places we go (locative media). Different songs and interviews commence when we get to Cumberland or Yorkville or Hazelton Lanes. So far songs by the Kensington Market, Jackie Shane, Mainline. Only one interview so far but a doozie with Bernie Finkelstein. Hopefully a couple others and some more songs, perhaps Ambulance Blues off Neil Young’s On The Beach …
back in the old folky days,
the air was magic when we played,
the Riverboat was rockin’ in the rain,
midnight was the time for the raid,
Oh Isabella, proud Isabella,
they tore you down and plowed you under,
you’re only real with your make-up on,
how could I see you and stay too long
Also aiming to incorporate another app where different images are overlaid on the present buildings in Yorkville. Then the participants will view the locations with their smartphones and poof they see what was previously there (augmented reality).  Then over to Rochdale where I’ll have a friend waiting to do Q & A, who lived there 50 years earlier, besides pot and Hells Angels what can he tell us.

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