furnace guy

after the furnace technician finished telling me the story of why he started body building (because his girlfriend dumped him) and how he is a vegetarian who only eats white meat (whatever that means) I asked him what sort of music do you like and realized before he answered everyone will answer that question, everybody knows that what music they are into is a way of telling you about themselves, maybe their inner selves. “i like hip hop, i used to be into old school rap but i grew out of that but whatever’s on the radio but a lot of it sounds the same you know the best songs have already been made, whatcha gonna do but i like whatever’s on the radio but nothing is unique.” I told him I work in music, then he asked me if I would make him a playlist of six songs he never heard of would make his workouts different.

1/ helicopter (bloc party)

2/ chameleon (herbie hancock)

3/ get the funk out ma face (brothers johnson)

4/ pump it up (elvis costello)

5/ paper planes (m.i.a.)

6/ how are you people ever going to have fun if none of you people ever participate? (the barcelona pavilion)


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