Listening to a podcast with Waddy Wachtel (The Everly Brothers, Keith Richards, Linda Rondstadt, Stevie Nicks), when they get to the end and he’s asked if he listens to contemporary music he replies no. Said he didn’t hear much that is melodic, he’s bored, it holds little interest for him. There are current popular things that bore me too but I listen because it intrigues me that this happens, that I’m bored yet the same song is popular in man places (150 million views) or maybe just because two different students tell me how amazing Ariana Grande is and I recognize their emotion is a universal thing – excited about art you like and found on your own. I’m pretty inspired by Warren Zevon but most peoples’ eyes glaze over when I talk about what happens in his songwriting that moves me so much, his unexpected rhymes and ideas. Probably that’s why I put this podcast on in the first place; Waddy Wachtel co-wrote Werewolves of London. Such a shame, a writer I find so strong is best known for a joke novelty song but amusing to hear the story behind it.   For a long time Randy Newman’s life was like this too, known for Short People instead of Marie. There was something missing from the interview, he said he was afraid of the phone not ringing anymore. Sounded like Waddy Wachtel was coasting or like all he knew to do was coast.

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