sound waves

In the cinema studies class students discuss virtual reality and how convincing it is or isn’t. Then the conversation focusses on why there is so much interest in making it believable. Someone chimes in how cars are a virtual reality experience and they expand the idea saying it is like the car becomes our body, we are even concerned about the virtual bodies of everyone else on the road yada yada. Felt like I had a better definition but might have too much in common with Igor Stravinsky. Instead I confined my suggestion but in another universe I raised my hand and asked aren’t we living proof of virtual reality? Believing our bodies to be us yet all the parts of our bodies are just parts we appear to control from our actual position which is the brain? We are just thoughts located behind the skull and looking in a mirror, believing we are seeing us… when there is no us to see. Would that be anywhere close to Stravinsky’s position on April 2, 1913 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées when the audience showed riotous displeasure over considering the sound waves titled Rite of Spring?

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