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I like the musical plot point in Close Encounters of The Third Kind, they acknowledged each other through music, inter-species communication solution. Nice touch that the alien has loud bass frequencies. What gives with people thinking science fiction is something to dream up? What could be more science fiction than having consciousness in a body you didn’t invent, kidneys filtering blood, toe nails perpetually growing, elbows! and then you make shit from whatever you eat (not to mention killing and consuming other creatures). What’s more science fiction than Joni Mitchell strumming dulcimer and singing vulnerably with that crazy register in her 20s or than Lenny Breau and Cecil Taylor being Lenny Breau and Cecil Taylor. How can anyone think rocket ships and laser guns are more science fiction than what happens if you heat a pan, add oil, kernels and a lid. You can’t see or hear the final frontier if you believe it’s out there somewhere.

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