I’m making a video Monday from 1:30 – 6. Would you be in it? Could be your big chance to make no money and be on Youtube plus whatever is the opposite of going viral is – you could also really have that experience.
Anand Rajaram is directing it and we’re using a 360 immersive camera which if you don’t know if a very amazing way to see things, to see every-single-thing(s). And singing sensation and sometimes counsellor at Girls Rock Camp, Katasha James is singing the song, I play piano and somebody (to be still found) percussions in the corner or maybe they walk around with a tambourine.
We need r.s.v.p.’s (to  by Sunday if you could be present, any help we would be very grateful and by help I mean come ready to be a scientist, business person, police officer or person at a party. I can explain details ( It’s a song about people in positions of government who might make you feel nauseous, about power and rot.

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