student: I’m leaving the program, came to say goodbye.
teacher: Leaving? But there’s only three months left.
student: I need to do something else.
teacher: What are you going to do?
student: Construction, pays $880 a week for the next 5 months.
teacher: That’s pretty good, do they need any music teachers?
student: I’ll keep you posted.
teacher: And maybe you’ll write some songs about it?
student: I’ve lost my ….connection you might say. No more songs for me and I feel better.
teacher: About what?
student: I get so stuck in wanting it to go somewhere or get it to somebody and it never happens and then I’m depressed and then I’m a mess. Need to break the cycle of emotional up and downs, you probably don’t understand.
teacher: You just don’t want to feel powerless.
student: Exactly.
teacher: You know that might not be about music.
student: I think it’s about hoping and wishing.
teacher: Like the song Dusty sings.
student: I don’t know the song, but I don’t want to hear it either.
teacher: You’ve been down so long it looks like up from here.
student: Sure whatever… wassat?
teacher: Doors.
student: I liked your class for the jokes.
teacher: I liked your songs for the class.
student: Unfortunately the gods of capitalism are not smiling down on me or my songs.
teacher: The gods of capitalism have a constant furrowed brow.
student: You ever feel powerless?
teacher: Like because all of us are waiting to die or do you mean anytime a Bryan Adams song comes on and I can’t escape the room I’m in?
student: Both.
teacher: Yes I know those feelings.
student: And so your advice is write about it?
teacher: Exactamungo.
student: Why is that?
teacher: I think you’ll feel better. I know the money thing is real and one has to try in their own way to solve it but separate from that you have a superpower as a songwriter. You can transform yourself or others. Nothing to sneeze at.
student: gesundheit.

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