fraud nation

At the Queens Park rally against Doug Ford’s attacks on education, Magali made the best sign, a picture of a little girl with an apple on her head. (text) AIM HIGHER. They say it was 15,000 people. Some of the other signs I liked
-Pick on someone your own size
-fraud nation
But most memorable was the small orchestra playing “We’re Not Going To Take It”. At first I felt weirded out why Twisted Sister? But then I got it and in the long run I guess it is all about slogans. Next they started playing one of those cloying Journey songs “Just a small town girl..” and it got weird again until remembering the chorus “Don’t Stop Be-lieving”.
Started dreaming up a different playlist I would enjoy hearing here
-Ballad of a Thin Man
-People Have The Power
-You Haven’t Done Nothin’
-This Note’s For You
-Another Brick in the Wall
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