reform party at burning man

For my last class in Future Cinema I had to do something for 5 minutes utilizing one of the things we learned about. I chose the 360 immersive camera and made a video with Katasha Andrea Jms singing, Hrh Anand Rajaram directing and whoever answered my bulk emails acting and dancing – Susan Bustos, David Celia, rob elliot, Stuart Young, Kaia Richardson, @Kyp Harness, Freddie Rivas, Garrett Jamieson, @Michelle Power, Sarah Greene, Jonathan Pappo and special amazing costumes for .25 cents by Roxanne Ignatius and fog & lights by Mark Andrada. thanks a million spirit of toronto insta-artists.
Not sure yet how to put this on Youtube there may be some immersive tricks to be sorted but will try to figure it out. Will later add magical things to the floor and embellish the music a wee bit more with invisible sound sources, but that’s another story. For now let’s throw it out there and celebrate the many not-so-creative attempts by people in powerful positions to restrict democracy.

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