cell u life

Playing a blues progression and the singer nods at you to solo after this round. Up until the solo starts you’re a cog in a wheel, a supportive little cell doing its bit but once your solo starts it’s like someone flips your me switch. Those two interesting positions (i) when the me switch is thrown (ii) when you are just a cog in a wheel. After a lobotomy the person’s personality is gone, their I is gone. The brain can still regulate the body’s temperature, the kidneys still filter, the blood cells still fight disease but cutting into the cerebral cortex removes “you”. Seems you are not the guts or the skin but thoughts located in the brain. It also seems the brain doesn’t necessarily need “you” since it’ll take care of this machine all the while probably humming the chorus of an old U2 song. They say after you die the entire body doesn’t die at once. Skin cells are still doing their business even though the lungs have ceased to inhale and exhale. Some organs still working a little longer before they are kaput. We are a collection of zillions of cells, there is no one I, that’s just how the brain talks to itself.

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