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There is a line of thought out there that says everything is actually perfect. Like just as it is perfect for the grass to re-emerge from the frozen ground, just like it’s perfect for the grizzly bear to scoop up honey and be stung a thousand times, just as it is perfect for a storm to invigorate the dry ground and simultaneously destroy the work of beavers or humans it is also perfect for mankind to do all that it does whether Meredith Monk makes Dolmen Music, Truffault makes the 400 Blows or Monsanto patents wheat. It is all too complex to understand as single activities. All interconnected and painted with brushes that have nothing to do with categories of right or wrong. Good and bad are inventions of people which is just another aspect of things proceeding perfectly. I wonder if after I obtain my Masters and apply for positions at a Colleges or Universities, to teach songwriting or improvisation (even creative writing, performance or media arts),  if whoever interviews me and then rejects my application, will understand when I say, “Right, of course that’s perfect. Thanks anyway”.

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  1. the first rule of free improvisation is to stick with your idea. Don’t abandon it. Where you’ll end up will most definitely be unexpected, but it will definitely be a place that is you.



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