a bullet to the heart

I am positioned these days to endure much pop radio since my associate in the back, the one occupying the child-seat, directs the radio preferences. I found it hard to follow one of those songs or to make sense out of its appeal.
the chorus:
I know this sounds crazy but this could be fate
And I’m thinking maybe you feel it too
Tell me are you busy?
Tell me you can stay
‘Cause I’m thinking maybe
For you, I would travel to outer space
Take a bullet to the heart just to keep you safe
I think his message is I love you so much I will be an astronaut and risk leaving Earth’s gravitational field because of my desire for you babe. Then, to prove it could be stranger he adds I would take a bullet to the heart to keep you safe, but the words preceding this chorus are about the fact that they are strangers. In effect he is saying that the pleasure in his ogling is sufficient to risk his life in a violent death. #1 with a bullet.

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