revenge of the old

In the 80s I was in England a few times with Blue Rodeo and spent the afternoons sight seeing, trying to find healthier food and checking out museums. At one point I became the guest accordionist in a ska band and played with them in a squatted vicarage. I was a bit in heaven over that. About as close as I ever get to being in the Specials. I remember one unique afternoon going to the free noon hour concert at St. Martin in the Fields and across the street was the Tate Gallery. The highlight inside the Tate was seeing something electric down a narrow hall which as I got closer turned out to be a painting by David Hockney. I didn’t know about him until then. Everything I have ever seen since is always as powerful as that moment. Today I saw a promo online for a show that’s up about him and Vincent Van Gogh. Never heard him speak before and didn’t realize he’s eighty-something years old. All his words about visual art and for that matter Van Gogh’s too are very interchangeable with musical experiences. My favourite quote in the piece was by Van Gogh, “the uglier, older, meaner, iller, poorer I get, the more I wish to take my revenge by doing brilliant colour, well arranged, resplendent.”

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