i ain’t singing for Pepsi

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The Colgate Comedy Hour, 1950
Jack Benny For Texaco, 1968
XM radio, Bob Dylan and Cadillac are teaming up, 2007
Went to the volunteer agm for Ryerson radio station CJRU. A college station broadcasting on AM plus live streams and podcasting. Whether here, JAZZ FM, CBC …I want to try out some radio ideas this year.  Being in this cramped room with 30 others reminds me why I like radio and the energy of people mostly in their 20s who are also excited about adding the making of radio shows  to their lives, is also inspiring. Now the agenda turns to Ford’s government and new crippling reductions to their broadcasting budgets. They announce needing sponsors, advertisers. Path of least resistance but always a strange payoff that companies supply the necessary money to the creators in exchange for the opportunity to bombard captive audiences with slogans. I wish the guy who taught the course I took last year on Karl Marx would have brought the class to general meetings like this and assign us to consider the complexity of all this shit. Call the assignment What are your thoughts on Neil Young writing This Note’s For You? Give examples.

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