I don’t want to be the one

This morning, the Inkspots came over the speakers while sitting in a cafe. The Inkspots have the craziest and most fantastic of signatures. One of them always sings the lyric in a very clearly articulated tenor and later the bass vocalist repeats the same lyric only he speaks it instead of singing it.  I think it happens in all of their songs. I love it.

People are worried about their music and what will happen if they trust me to steer the ship of production. Certain records are an honour to make, the best is when someone can relax like Robert Priest or Mimi Oz or Jess Reimer and rely on me being at the helm. Sam Larkin especially made me feel like a trusted scout in the forest.

When we recorded “I Don’t Want To Be The One” about a man who fears being overlooked or forgotten by the person he is in love with, I asked him if he would speak the lyric at the end. It just hit me this is a perfect Inkspots moment. He kindly put his best effort into it. I wish he had lived to hear the final song. I’ll never know if he would have enjoyed it. Hope you do.

it starts at 7:00


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