At the airport there were two people operating a booth advertising the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. I took their flyer and they gave me a banana. Have to admire whoever directed these volunteers to give a banana to whoever accepts the comedy flyer. Went to a show of several stand ups and wondered who is improvising vs. who is speaking the lines in a play. I think the improvisors are more dangerous and shocking because in those moments, all of us including the person on stage are equally surprised. The opposite I suppose it that neither one of us is truly tickled. That’s what destroyed me musically the night I saw Sun Ra in New York in the 80s.
I last saw one of these comics 20 years ago at Toronto’s Rivoli and that night he told a story about a recent break up that happened to him at the airport. He was being confessional and trying at the same time to tell jokes and be philosophical, most people were sorry for him. The comic who got up next, spent his whole time talking about a woman he met at the airport who had just gone through a break up and the awesome hook up they had that night. His improvising made peoples’ heads explode.

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