chicken’s on his way to a gig

sahara spracklin used to freak out a lot of people when she took the stage at fat alberts singing various songs always about relationship problems, (to put it nicely). she was there last week at the xmas party, she spoke new poems, sex poems,  I saw some roll their eyes. there is so much that is funny about that piece of theatre including the people who are put off about it. my neighbour’s eleven yr old son is playing trombone. he passed me the other  morning walking with it. I know a lot of trombone player jokes and considered telling him one or two then remembered they are all about trombone players not getting works as trombonists. not likely all that funny when you’re eleven. one of my favourite comedies was with william hurt, river phoenix, joan plowright, tracy ullman and keanu reeves – I Love You To Death. I didn’t hear anyone else in the theatre laughing as loud as me. the critics thought the same, died a quick death. an interesting thing, getting a joke/ not getting a joke. same as music and performance.

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