Story for the angry guy

After the gig the drummer and the bass player sat around with some brandy.
I loved that last solo. said the bassist.
Thanks. replied the drummer. 
Love the way you take it out so far no one knows how you’re gonna get back or if you even can get back.
Can I ask you something?
You don’t believe in the almighty do you? 
That’s right. 
So then what will you do if after you die you discover there is a God? You’ll be screwed.
The drummer looked surprised. If after I die I’m still alive then I won’t be dead.
Yes that’s right.
So what’s the problem?
God might punish you for having not believed in him.
Probably him, yeah. Most people would say so.
But all that’s imagination. Believing there’s God, believing God is male, believing God judges you. That’s sort of the same thing as when you can’t tell if I can bring back the head when I solo. It’s your imagination, it isn’t real, it’s you imagining what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense…to you.   
Look man, I didn’t mean to upset you.
You’re not upsetting me you just don’t want to hear my answer. Maybe you can’t hear it.
If there wasn’t a God then why are we all here? Who invented all this?
Nobody knows but that doesn’t mean there is a guy who invented it. Then who invented the guy? I could have ended the solo without returning to the head. People still clap and the next song starts.
Do you think we have free will?
Drummer laughs. Nods his head negatively.
Wow. You don’t believe we have free will but you don’t believe there’s a God. You are going to be in so much trouble when you die.
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