what she didn’t say

There is a problem between many parents and the kids. It happens once they see cartoons, captured by moving pictures. They become as insistent as kids can be when they know there’s ice cream. The problem is the parents don’t want the kids stuck there. Some years ago I met a man, supposedly a shaman and he told me when people watch TV it does the thinking for them. Does it mean we all wish to stop thinking or maybe wish to stop thinking the same thoughts over and over. Three nights ago at Princess Margaret Hospital I was visiting someone in palliative care and left around 9pm. The halls were empty but some patient’s doors were open, alone in their last hours or days but tv on.
Back to Fat Albert’s – the guitarist who played first performs Spanish songs on his nylon string guitar. He always uses a music stand and everyone wishes his 6 minute pieces were just 3. Some decent facility in his fingers but rigid, many missed notes and unsmiling. If there were Juno awards for resembling a robot … My daughter whispered she didn’t like it. I nodded. She said it would be better if he sung yet she continued to give him a chance, she’s six. So glad for what she didn’t say. It’s boring why did you bring me here: It’s boring let’s go: It’s boring, I wish I had the tablet.

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  1. A highly polarizing topic…many parents in my circle won’t let their kids near mine for fear that their kids may catch “screen…”

    I’m one of those in the minority…I let my kids have up to two hours of screen time a day. To the puritan parents out there who won’t let their kids near my screeny kids. newsflash: it’s not 1978…you need to come to terms with the reality that your kids are not going to have them same experiences we did.We live in a hyper digital age, and as I type this, I am wading into the waters of hypocrisy if I dare say anything to my kids that is anti-screen.

    I do agree that screen culture is toxic, but at the end of the day, kids do as their parents do. If you’re serious about being one of those ‘no-screens for my kids’ parents, then you need to get off screens yourself. Otherwise, it’s like the time my Dad lit a cigarette and told me “I don’t ever want to see you do this son, ok?”

    Thanks Dad, you actually gave me some good parenting advice that took me about 30 years to comprehend.


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