less fugazi more vanilli

Inside Starbucks, using the bathroom and there is a community board advertising local theatre and other local things, like as if Starbucks was small and genuinely interested, the way a local coffee shop might contribute to the local scene. Massive corporations make sure their employees sign away all their rights, make it a criminal act to speak their mind about the employer yet don’t miss a note imitating smaller store aesthetic. Isn’t this so much more funky for the consumer? Like major labels buying up indie labels, profit from the idea or the image of being small instead of the massive corporation. The appearance of being Asylum or A&M,  SubPop or Def Jam. What’s more ridiculous the hiding of corporate identity or offering to pay back consumers for the cost of the CD when Milli Vanilli was exposed since they were models not singers. Like as if models have’t been sold all along as musicians? As if the Wrecking Crew didn’t do the backing tracks on a zillion hits instead of the image on those records of those bands? Beto O’Rourke taking oil money and trying to imply it was from workers when it was from CEOs. Nice that he has picture of himself playing in a band in his 20s, smells  less Fugazi more Fab Morvan.

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  1. the divide between “indy” and “major” died right around the time rock and roll was just getting started…everything we know has always been sold to us by the establishment. “anti” establishment and being “indy” are as old as coca-cola and a big mac.


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