the pill

student: How do you get the left hand to do something repetitive and fast and then play something altogether different with your right?
teacher: You take independence pills.
student: Any side effects?
teacher: Yeah, you end up taking pills instead of learning how to do it yourself.
student: That doesn’t sound like a problem.
teacher: It’s not unless your goal was different.
student: Like what?
teacher: Like enjoying the effort and the work.
student: Why do that when you can take a pill?
teacher: Exactly.

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  1. Hi Bob, Rona Reid here, really nice to run into you on Bloor st yesterday.
    I’m liking your daily posts. Interesting!
    I was mentioning my garden website:

    Check it out if you have a few minutes.
    My email is

    Be in touch Bob. I would love to hang out sometime and talk about how everything is everything, you know. That would be Ultra Cool!

    By the way, I included a mention of a at least one of your songs in my novella. A key scene, your song We Got Time is playing on the sound system.
    Hope to hear from you. Cheers!


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