12 tones

Man walks into emergency asked for help because aliens are trying to control his thinking.
Doctor asks what they’re saying.
He says they’re telling him to use 12 tones instead of 7.
Doctor said there’s a history of that.
Man demands to see a different doctor.
She says they don’t have another doctor, it’s Friday night and full moon.
Says he isn’t going to reject melodicism.
She says he doesn’t have to,  from Webern to Wu Tang, no threat, it is just music, write whatever you want.
But they’re trying to control his thinking says the man more urgently.
Doctor says nobody can control your thinking, I can’t control my thinking, neither can Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein or Pramahansa Yogananda. 
Man says  but you’re a doctor.
She says I know but that’s the truth, it isn’t possible. We join groups, religions, chess clubs, take Taikwando, change jobs, change neighbourhoods, change clothes but nothing leaves you able to control your mind. There’s no way around suffering with the mind wishing to control itself. Like the ear trying to hear itself.
Waitasec, says the man. Are you saying if it wasn’t aliens I would be blaming something else? Like being upset is the normal human condition?
Pretty much says the Doctor.
You mean it isn’t about the music?
Nope, but it gives some relief.
Not if its 12 tones.
You see what you’re doing?
I was just kidding.

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