talking to strangers

After the Board mtg. I walked with Anand to his place then down College from Grace, it was about 9:45pm. I passed an expensive men’s clothing store and heard piano music even though it was dark outside and stores were closed. Inside white grand piano among all the suspended suits, no one else, the door unlocked, solitary dude playing. This situation didn’t feel entirely unfamiliar. When I was a teenager a guy in Winnipeg had a shoe store (S&B) he too bought a grand piano and placed it in the middle, hired people like me to play it while others shopped. I walked up and paused, he smiled, listened, a simple circular thing in his left hand while his right coloured. As unexciting as George Winston but a grand piano in an unlocked nighttime clothing store with no customers, that’s too special to not be tickled. After some minutes of this loop I walked closer and pointed at the upper register as if to ask can I add on? I helped myself to part of the bench and jumped in quickly trying to reassure him “don’t worry I won’t ruin up your thing”. And so we jammed like two boring George Winstons for 10 more minutes. Eventually I got up and said bye, he said bye and kept playing. After the door closed behind me I thought it was cool we had no more than two words between us (which was the same word) and yet in another way had a lengthy conversation.

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  1. Winston, much like Kenny G is one of those few rare artists who can elicit reactions bordering on hate-speech amongst fellow musicians simply by mentioning their name.

    I’m releasing a single next week which is called ‘December.’ I had no idea that was the same title as Winston’s triple platinum selling album.

    Here’s hoping I can some get some accidental downloads/streams…


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