The sadistic, remorseless, anti-social  king asked his 87th guitar teacher the same question as all the others. Why couldn’t he play barre chords since undoubtedly he was the best guitar student ever. The teacher replied despite it initially hurting his finger tips more effort was required . The king alerted the guards to escort the 87th teacher away from the palace and join the same miserable fate of the previous 86. Next week upon meeting his 88th guitar teacher he informed him how fortunate he was being selected for the opportunity to teach the king. The 88th teacher thanked the king and proceeded to tune the king’s guitar to an open E major. The king picked up the guitar and looked disapprovingly at the teacher. No one had altered the standard tuning before. Just then the teacher indicated to try placing a single finger over all the strings and strum that.  Much do his surprise the king found this easy, delightful and harmonious, by the 3rd strum he proclaimed “I am the best guitarist the world has ever seen.” The teacher nodded his head in agreement, “you most definitely are”. In his diary later that night he wrote these are many rigged games proceeding everywhere in life. To act fairly in a rigged match perpetuates the usual results.

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