whats in your head

Probably there will not be another frost now, put the plants outside. News reports about the crazy weather but they always omit illuminating the relationship between pollution and capitalism, or so it seems. The chickens of climate coming home to roost.  Reminded of the student in the songwriting class who said we build myths around hit songs. The myth being  they are hits because of having a terrific hook. She argued there was a lot of hidden capitalism at work in the background and that that was even more responsible for success. Somebody paid something to make it and somebody paid to advertise it and in different ways somebody was paid to play it. In her final paper she wrote everybody knows what its like to have a song in their head they dislike, it’s in your head because people spent money promoting it and anything repeated enough will be absorbed by the minds of people. Her paper was titled “Whether you use the product or not look how many commercials you can sing.”

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