A film released in 2018, now on Youtube. Two middle aged guys talk to Ornette Coleman in his apartment. They are visiting a master musician near the end of his life. They are always in the frame, they are as important as the man who citizens from all over this planet know just by his first name. They add witty remarks, “You know sometimes people call them the sex-ophone too.” My sense is that their record collections reflect less Harmelodics but probably every reissue of Toto. At a certain point what seemed embarrassing becomes inspirational when you realize 80 something year old Ornette is never unaccommodating or less than genial even when he tries to share what he is about, “Everybody’s talking because they talk. Ain’t that right? But life doesn’t talk, it can’t even see.” They uncomfortably laugh and steer the conversation back to themselves. That’s their skillset and at this particular moment they are trying to play together. How far can they go? How far can he go? He bends and plays with whatever they can handle… like great improvisors do.

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