sweet spot

Older piano student, beginner, working on Take 5 two weeks ago. Played it back to me today but in 8. Pretty sure I also unwittingly played it in 8 when I first tried to do it. Did it very very slow so he could distinguish the 5 and spent 20 minutes listening to him do it correctly. I agreed when he said it was like lightning up a new part of his brain. Young kid learning guitar, can’t play single notes without his palms muting some strings. He says it makes no sense. Decided to position his chording hand against the fretboard and hold like a mannequin, forget about the strumming.  Talk about his day, talk about the weather, talk about anything and let his hand get used to holding these positions without the stress of strumming. Teaching is like seeking the other person’s saturation point and stopping there. Most fun is trying to find it and not go over it. Almost everyone I ever studied with overloaded me when I already had enough on my plate.

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