Memorization Anonymous

There was a songwriter who worried about forgetting their lyrics so much that when they got to the actual performance they had crippling stage fright and took the stage nervously. Indeed, it was like a self fulfilling prophecy, every time they took the stage they did forget some of their lyrics. It was ¬† humiliating and afterward they looked in the mirror cursing themselves. Weren’t they were the worst songwriter ever, doomed to not ever achieving their goal, incapable of this simple feat of recollection. They seriously ¬†considered joining Memorization Anonymous who used music stands with lyrics printed at 40 pt. font. But in their heart of hearts they suspected the solution lay with a simpler action, something haunting about the advice old uncle Isaac said when they visited the old folks home, “just stop performing if you get so worked up about it”. Maybe the frail alter cocker could see something from an angle they couldn’t.


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