3 losses and 1 win

I had a 9 string guitar, a Framus, it was turquoise & brilliant. I lent it to someone, never could recall who. Thought it was a certain friend but when I asked him, a few years later, he said he didn’t know what I talking about. Goodbye Framus wherever you are.
I left a keyboard in Germany and the Clydesdale case that was designed for it in 1996. I had already toured there 5 few times and owned two models of the same keyboard. Seemed more intelligent to leave one there and have less cargo to pay. Mendelson Joe sometimes says to me we live in Spoiled Brat-land, it’s true here in Canada equipment rentals are so much more affordable than anywhere I ever toured outside of it. As it turned out, it was the last time I toured Germany. The agent I worked left the business and I lost touch with the guy who had the keyboard; her colleague. I don’t mind the loss but I feel shitty that I burdened someone else with my mess.
There was a story about Garth Hudson’s storage space, he left it a long time unpaid. Eventually the storage space owner opened it up and among items he made public was an uncashed cheque for lots, maybe tens of thousands of dollars. I felt embarrassed reading it because in my own past, cleaning my multi-year messy desk I have found an uncashed cheque or two for a long ago job, even from Socan. Never huge amounts of money but the principle is the same, reluctance to stay on top of my mess.
My friend told me he needs to write a book for his academic career, asked how I blog so much. How do I do it? You must feel like you win everyday, he said.

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