booze and pills and powders

There is a little strip mall near where I live it has a 7-11, Pizza Nova, haircut place, Chiropractor and a Japanese restaurant. We ate sushi tonight and when my daughter asked for a desert slurpee I caved. There were about 8 choices. She asks me to read each before making her decision, she settled on watermelon and blue raspberry. The older guy in the hat, sun glasses and skeleton ring behind us leaned in and suggested she mix the watermelon with Pepsi, he said it was his favourite. Charming British accent. Just before we started our car I saw him and the young woman he was with get into his cherry red Toyota Echo and drive off. Didn’t the Stones just play Ontario? If only I had realized who he was when we were discussing blue raspberry I would have told him how brilliant Before They Make Me Run is. If I remember correctly the A part is 4.5.1. 4.5.1 then the final chord of the verse becomes the 1 in a new key for the chorus. Simple, seamless but not a regular Stones thing to do. Old man in a Toyota Echo drinking a slurpee in the junction, RCMP would never go through your luggage now, smart one Keef.

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