arrogant & immature Keith Jarrett

In the youtube age where every past event has a video (except beethoven) I just discovered Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek, personal hero’s of mine, performing THE WINDUP. (click here to see/listen). Only knowing the recording very well I was convinced it required 3 or 4 hands to play on piano. But now another fantasy crushed – it was just his ungodly independent left hand. For so many years the first story people want to share about Keith Jarrett is that he freaks out if people make noise in concert, cough etc.  They call him all sorts of names implying he is immature or arrogant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jarrett is a super human alien life form. You only need to play piano a little to realize this is an understatement. I’m confident he knows if he tells the people making noise to shut up that some might be shocked but everyone will shut up. The score will be Keith Jarret 1 audience noise 0 which is what it should be because he knows how to get to the magical place and it requires their silence. Didn’t they pay the admission fee so they could go too?