singing commercials

I had to learn Riptide for a presentation and while doing some research I looked at Vance Joy’s Wiki and noticed his most famous song established in no small part by a GoPro advertisement. Made me think of Feist and the video for Apple, made me think of Tegan and Sara singing for Oreos, made me think of Eric Clapton singing for Michelob which made me think of that time Coke had a song written in the early 70s to ostensibly seem like another hippie pop song, (in a very Harry Nilsson style), but it was just another advertisement “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” 
What’s most interesting is how the corporation wants to appear related to the musical artist, insinuating whatever that artist stands for includes this product, by virtue of reciting the product’s name. Also makes me think about the position of the artist, ordinarily in charge of their own ideas but when accepting sponsorship become employees, no? All this brought me to that scene in a Simpson’s episode where Lisa asks if they can sit around during the holidays and this time not sing commercials.

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