Are You Experienced

At some point somebody showed me how to play 10ths on the piano, the very large stretch between pinky and thumb. Seemed impossible especially after I met Al Hershfield who had the largest hands I ever saw. No wonder he could play 10ths so easily. So this is the order of the universe, okay, I will never be able to do this. Then I met Mark Camanetsky and he swiftly played 10ths even though his hands were smaller than mine. I learned some tricks from studying him but more importantly I learned that certain brains, faced with a dead end just don’t accept it. How else do you explain air travel, organ transplants or credit cards? But it would do no good to explain it to my younger self, it had to be experienced.


When I was a kid my Dad has season tickets to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the 55 yard line. We went to most games. I had  scrapbook too. Clipped pictures of my favourite players and pasted them into my scrapbook, Paul Williams, Bob Larose but especially Mack Herron, the smallest guy I ever heard of in professional football. They called him mini Mack. I think he was 5”6. He was a running back. Hard for those big lugs to catch someone not as big as they. Sometimes touring Canada I added my favourite CFL players to the guest list, depending on which city I was in,  Ron Lancaster in Regina or Grady Gavness in Vancouver. Teaching ukulele to a large youth today and he was confounded many times. My fingers are too big! This hurts! How can anyone do this? 

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