Elizabeth Fischer scared me when I heard Animal Slaves in the 80s. Scared me in a way I rather liked, like first time hearing Pere Ubu or Klaus Nomi. Would not have been surprised if they became a big big deal but such was not their fate. I was re-reading the interview she did in the Globe and Mail in 2015 after being diagnosed with lung cancer and later ending her life in Switzerland using a suicide service. Great interview, insightful, sensitive and blunt. A few years earlier I invited her to a show I did in Vancouver at The Western Front. There are people who dislike me for being blunt. Obviously they don’t know Mendelson Joe or Elizabeth Fischer. She told me my songwriting was totally boring but found the piano work pretty redeeming, insisted I just play piano in the future. She didn’t like my moustache either.


aaaaaaaaaaaa… the stache! the stache!

(e. hides in the kitchen cupboard… gittattahereyamouse… stupid fucking useless dog get the fucking mouse, goddammit… )

oh, and i was a magician’s assistant for a bit, a long time ago… true story

heh… it’s a great picture

hey, did you ever see that chris landreth animated film about ryan larkin? it’s really really great. i am mentioning it cause i just bought it on amazon. i had been thinking about ryan larkin all day, for some reason so i went and bought it. i used to know him, a long time ago in montreal.

i’m gonna have a show in a gallery in 3 weeks so i’m a bit of a wreck. i’ve been trying not to have shows for years but then i got talked into this.

here are some of the images i will be printing. big. huge. oke, big. which might totally screw them up, i dunno. thus the nervouswrecking around.


also i will do digital prints of some cartoony portrait drawings i did… and they will be printed with lots of space on the paper, on which i shall write all kindsa stuff, whatever comes into my mind about the image… and then! then! (this is the best part) i will put a nice hefty price on the ones with the writing… and have the same available with no writing for real cheap. and thus i shall forceg people to pay for the writing, instead of the image. see, the writing will be an original but the image is copy.

heh, ain’t that brilliant, though.


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