making sense

Heard a couple much-younger-than-me folks discussing Morrisey’s stance about animal rights, they were very critical.Me: You don’t think he should make his opinion public?Guy: No it isn’t the proper platform for his personal opinion. Just because he has an audience doesn’t mean he should politicize them or try to.Gal: What makes him think his opinion is more important than his fans?Me: But if people are his fans they’re his fans for him being whoever he is. His opinions are who he is, right?Guy: Yeah, that’s a real point.Gal: No I disagree. They are fans of his music not his political opinions, people should be entitled to just get the music without a lecture.Me: And if his opinion was to legalize pot would you care?Gal: I think that’s a bit different.Guy: Pot’s been proven to be an anti-inflammatory. It helps people who are sick.Me: You don’t hear how that’s counter to what you earlier said? Gal: You’re the one who doesn’t make sense.Guy: That’s right.

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