he was an outlaw

There were many people I came upon who admired Lenny Bruce. Who talked about him as an important catalyst for change re: censorship. Some people said everyone owes him for being a sacrificial lamb. The Bob Dylan song about him is a pretty amazing memorial. All three times I met Paul Krassner he would speak about Lenny like a brother who loved and lost his brother. I heard some bootlegs of Lenny Bruce long ago when there was no internet. He didn’t know he was being recorded. Pretty amazing that artifacts exist like that.
In earlier days, sometimes people wanted to record me and it bugged me. I might play something not yet finished, I didn’t want anyone to have a copy of that. One time while playing a festival in the Yukon someone was holding a small gizmo in front of their face and I thought what nerve, they’re just recording me and don’t even care about being discreet. With my microphone I stopped the show and asked why they were recording and they apologized and explained they had vision problems, it was a magnification gizmo to help them see. I had no come back, just felt stupid the rest of the show. Eventually I realized you can’t control something like people recording plus it might have a different meaning down the road for other listeners.

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