bad shoes

Attended a training day for the university where I’ll be teaching a course on songwriting this fall. About 40 new teachers invited to this training session from kinesiology to to nursing. At lunch I sat next to two women, one formerly taught in the UK. She told us how traumatizing it was when she read student evaluations of her teaching. English wasn’t her first language, some students wrote her up harshly for having an accent or not liking her shoes. The other woman concurred and had her own stories of being mortified by what she’s seen over the years from student evaluations. How fortunate I am taking the stage so much and experiencing many reviews over many years. You can’t keep doing that if you are going to be thrown by a negative review plus you acquire other views about the meaninglessness of some angry voices.
Wanted to say to these women, if there was a Youtube video of something that moved you, do you care about the comments underneath if they are hostile? If you had a student who didn’t do well and if their mark demonstrated that, they might want to hurt you in a negative review right? There are too many factors to know the whole story. Don’t you have 2 or 3 PhDs between you? Fuggedaboudit, your shoes and your accent have nothing to do with whether you are good at teaching what you know… but people are people. The opposite should also give them pause, believing they are so amazing just because a review says so. Trump sort off sums up the dumb position of someone seeking flattery to feed a state of delusion or declaring war over negative remarks. You guys really can’t see for all your education you’re being like him?

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