watching the wheels

The guy from the record label admires me, talks about how many things I’m associated with that move him and says other flattering things. I play him the two people I’m working with, hoping he will invest but he doesn’t get it. They don’t sound like – I don’t what – but they aren’t it for him. He goes back to flattering me about the 80s and the 90s. I try to explain if any of the things he admires were ever true then perhaps give me the benefit of the doubt and get behind these two new artists even though he doesn’t hear it. He doesn’t understand, I sat in these rooms before, people like him listened and smiled and told me it wasn’t good enough, it was too this or too that. I can’t make him see my new on any of this, it’s like he’s unconscious but able to keep smiling. Another ordinarily placed person in a position of authority.

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