In the running for my search of new hot sauces is Goya and Uncle Chen. I’m moving on, goodbye Sriracha, been a nice decade but life is short, I need reinvention. Designing a syllabus all day, good thing I previously took so many courses and can cherry pick what I liked. Hope to pull off a zine version too as Chris Cavanagh did inspiring all who came in contact with it. They would look at my copy and say who is this guy? I need to take this course! Tranzac auction complete, more money in the bank, few steps closer to achieving the dream(s) but more than money these events are like high school dances where shy kids branch out and the different stakeholders become friends. A young woman sung a McGarrigle Sisters song early in the night and slayed me with her controlled vibrato. I would be swaying with a lighter above my head showing admiration if I was a smoker. Same group later played Amelia by Joni Mitchell and the guitarist did the Vulcan mind meld with the swells and ornaments. I liked the many dimensions between remembering being a teenager with Hejira and these guys who look to have been born in the 1990s, doing their best Uncle Chen with this sacred open tuning.

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