summer of 69

last year i watched a doc about 90s guru rajneesh, a couple things stood out. one, the fact that the movie never talked about whatever his teachings were. just the juicy bits on sex, money, cars and attempted murder. that was okay but one was left wondering what was his teaching all about that so many forked over their savings to be associated with? two, the moment in the film when they said his favourite zen story was the one about the student of an archer (paraphrasing) and the student was murdered by the teacher but at the moment the archer’s arrow killed them, that’s when they were enlightened. at first i thought, as far as zen stories go – what a shit story, but the more i considered it, the more i sensed something worth mulling over. none of us yet know what the last seconds or minutes of life will be like, when the ship is most definitely doing down and you cannot get off. very likely an experience of submission to the meaninglessness of life, (and you know if at that moment the radio came on it would be playing anything from bryan adams).

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