preparing mus3735A

There are 8 reflection papers in the course, 400 words but students can also submit songs about the assignment instead of written papers if they choose. #1 is reading the first chapter of Bob Snider’s book on songwriting. #2 is viewing What Happened Miss Simone? #3 is 2 chapters of John Sobol’s book You Are Your Media. #4 is viewing several examples of copyright challenges starting with the Chiffons He’s So Fine, Blurred Lines, Stairway To Heaven and Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’. #5 is Kodwu Eshun’s chapter on Sun Ra from More Brilliant Than The Sun. #7 is viewing either Muscle Shoals or The Wrecking Crew films. #8 is listening to songs that helped get people released from jail or got the artist placed in jail (John Sinclair, Pussy Riot).

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