There is a harp in Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. It came on the radio while I was driving. Probably heard it a few million times yet only last 2 or 3 did I consider it seriously, as if at a concert. That’s how I noticed the harp. Maybe everyone all along noticed the harp but previously I endured this song instead of listening to it. Doubt it is a harp sample since it was the 70s. That switch of one’s consciousness between tolerating a song vs. considering the song – are places to think about. Don’t know if I want to continue the academic business but if I do I’m suppose to have a question. Those switches of consciousness interest me, maybe that’s the sort of question to bullshit about? Or maybe the fact that it’s all about bullshitting is a better question? Or maybe all the people triggered by someone saying it’s all just bullshitting would be the most enjoyable course of study? Wonder if I have the nerve to go down that road…oh no not I (insert harp gliss).

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