musical rocket ships

george lucas loved kurosawa’s the hidden fortress, about a family dynasty in medieval japan almost wiped out, who need to move the remaining princess through enemy territory and a trusted warrior assists her and uses a couple bumbling idiots to help camouflage their mission.
been reviewing songs to discuss in class. when the lawsuit came up from marvin gaye’s estate, i never listened carefully to robin thicke and pharrell william’s blurred lines but am now. damn, what a total rip off, losers. there’s nothing wrong with being inspired but to only steal and not cover your tracks, so disappointing and lame. a good thief takes the structure, inserts at least some new ideas and before you know it the original subject is no longer recognizable, something new emerges.
when robin thicke and pharrell williams lost the law suit and paid marvin gaye’s estate some million dollars, their lawyer said it was a horrible precedent. I’m thinking he means it was horrible they weren’t even creative enough to add rocket ships and light sabres.

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