adam raised a cain

ran into an old neighbour who lived across the street from me when first moved Toronto. she’s probably 15 years older than me. spoke a bit about how life goes now, when she understood my work she wanted to share her insights about rap and how it is mostly the same and doesn’t get it, why the popularity. many people forever talk that way about country, rock, punk, jazz. her eyes glazed over when i started to defend the idea that there are different kinds of artists and if you immerse yourself blah blah blah – but many people aren’t looking for a real exchange as much as they just want to say their view and be acknowledged for what kinda guy they are. gave me the idea of a future course to teach about tropes and hearing beyond them. might call it killing elton john. later I floated back to the time i was at the junos and maestro fresh wes and his posse were seated in front of me. the show stopped for a commercial break, the lights came up and over the speakers came the bruce springsteen song “adam raised a cain” from the darkness on the edge of town record. I noticed some in Maestro’s group pointing at the speakers and becoming animated as if getting the same idea at once. they starting asking people if they knew what it was. not sure they knew how expensive a sample from the boss would cost. i told the guy in front of me, he pulled out a pen and asked me to say it again slower and how do you spell springsteen.

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