is anything unrelated?

started teaching the new student chopin by ear. imitate me kid, just do this and then she just did that. next i said ok, just do that and so she just did that too. i think she’s 10. i’m teaching the same piece to an 8 yr old too. i’m not sure if either of them will complete it but it sure is fun and like a flashback. i sat next to maureen forester one time on an airplane in the 80s from toronto to winnipeg. we were chatty and i told her about the band and our gigs. it was surprising to me that she was not just a grandma but another musician, one who was way bigger than us, on her way to play the manitoba concert hall. on hold and they play horrible music. i could do other things while on hold if there was silence but not if they play such horrible music, so horrible it cannot be ignored and i cannot do other work. they select this because somebody somewhere researched how great it is (like how many units it sold). the son of a very wealthy musician seemed suspicious on the list of recipients of the popular music grant award. does he really need to apply when his father is known as much for his millions as his hits?

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