media lessons

There was a songwriter who, when she was a teenager, got a job as an assistant to a famous movie actress. Later in life, she became a songwriter and touring artist. Journalists always focused their questions on when she worked for the famous star, even though all she did was buy toilet paper, sharpen pencils or walk Fiffi the miniature schnauzer. She started demanding journalists not ask her about it which made them more determined to frame her career around her brief teenage job. After Neil Young’s manager died she came upon an old interview where he said until Cinnamon Girl was on the radio he was always referred to as the guy from Buffalo Springfield, then added, in the press you are always only the most famous thing you did. She rewrote her bio inventing some untrue adventures and preposterous lies. All the interviews and reviews changed exactly as she hoped. They still hardly wrote about her actual music but at least she better understood the rules.

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