sexy mofo

one time, at a wedding in chicago, the groom’s mother came over to welcome me for having traveled all the way from canada. At the same moment there was dancing happening and the dj was playing Prince’s You Sexy Motherfucker and as she tried to ask me about the drive from toronto, etc. but her eye brows twitched as the first synapses started and soon gathered momentum around what sounded like Shakin’ that Ass, Shakin’ that Ass, Shakin’ that Ass and then her expression absolutely confirmed her internal suspicions and she abruptly flew away yelling excuse me over her shoulder and bolted for the dj to give them time, at the open stage a guy who was from the born again school of life started attending and bringing his born again friends and singing evangelical spirited songs sometimes taking over the evening for the next hour or more. one of the usual singer songwriters was very frustrated by this development and felt as though the open stage was held hostage. he started making up titles as offensive as possible. i won’t share my recollection of the titles because i know someone(s) will be triggered and go ballistic. Suffice to say it accomplished everything he had hoped time someone wrote a letter of complaint to the CRTC about a song of mine which was played on CJSR, the Edmonton college radio station. it was a song about violence against women and the language was apt for describing those men but i was unaware of the complaint or any problems it caused the station. it was a few years after the event that someone from the station told me the story but i always knew for certain people, lyrics can be an act of war.

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