Through being cool

Standing in the fluorescent, reeking-of-bleach-cafeteria, four women (two middle aged and two seniors) occupying all the positions behind the grill and cash register. The math on minimum wage and a pension doesn’t add up to golden years of relaxation, a bit too wrong and surreal. Then the same brain which simultaneously performs a million tasks, from sending the right digestive enzymes into the gut to keeping me balanced vertically, suddenly like a dog hearing something in the distance, cranks my head to concentrate better on this vague snippet from the ceiling speakers that’s fighting over students ordering pizza, hums of fridges and used plates crashing into grey plastic tubs. The sound is a stitch of a keyboard solo buried far away in my inner rolodex. Yes, there it is, Through Being Cool by Devo. Nothing could be better than these two surrealisms bumping into each other, as above so below.

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